Why Diamond?

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What makes Diamond Healthcare Staffing unique?

Healthcare staffing companies all sound the same. They say things like...

  • “We’re focused on quality of care.”
  • “We provide exceptional service.”
  • “We’ll help your organization be more efficient and effective.”

But what do those statements really mean? Quality, service, effectiveness and efficiency should be “givens” for companies like ours.

So what makes us so darn special? Well, it’s something that we call “people power.” We know that business (yours, and ours too!) depends on our people –how they treat patients, how they interact with patients’ families, and how they work together.

Here’s how we put our strengths to work for you:

  • We’re fully invested in our relationships with our customers, and we’re ready to provide great people to meet your staffing needs now and over time. 
  • When you call our company, you’ll talk with a real person who is eager to hear from you.
  • During your initial conversation with us (and during each subsequent conversation), you will be surprised and maybe even delighted by the ease of the interaction.
  • You will have just one point of contact. Your dedicated account manager will get to know you, your unique needs, and will personally make sure those needs are continually met.
  • We will provide you with skilled, qualified candidates with impeccable interpersonal skills.
  • Each candidate will be hand-selected to meet your needs.

We will save you time, cut down on your paperwork, and prevent you the headaches of hiring the wrong person for the job.