The Diamond Difference

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We believe in the human side of business.

Most health care staffing companies will tell you that they provide personal service. They’ll say they’re trust-worthy, reliable, and responsive to your needs. And they’ll promise to provide you with courteous, professional candidates. Of course, we’ll say those things too. We’ll tell you that we understand the healthcare industry, and we’ll help you focus on the big picture of how efficient healthcare staffing can improve your bottom line. But here’s what makes us different ...

We know that the big picture and the bottom line depend on each one of our people.

Without the human element, without trust and collaboration between people, it doesn’t matter how well your organization markets to target customers or manages finances. We know that business (yours, and ours too!) depends on our people –how they treat patients, how they interact with patients’ families, and how they work together.

Each of our team members will tell you that they work with our company over the long term because we understand the importance of being good to each other. Our employees feel valued, respected, self-directed, motivated, and focused on the greater good.

Each of our customers will tell you that they chose to work with us initially and continued to work with us for years because WE TREATED THEM SO WELL. It’s as simple as that.